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Get Back in Touch With Your Chess Game

MasterPiece Chess is a first-of-its-kind product allowing players to use real chess pieces to interact with their favorite chess applications on their iOS/Android tablet.

Over-The-Board Chess Experience

  • Real Chess Pieces

    Use real chess pieces to play your online/computer opponents using your iPad/Android tablet as your playing board!

    Play matches, solve puzzles, practice positions, and analyze games with real pieces.

  • Touch-Activating

    MasterPiece Chess's touch-activating pieces work with any Android/iOS touch-tablet!

  • Universal Application Support

    MasterPiece Chess work with any iOS or Android tablet chess application such as:



    and MANY more! (literally EVERY chess app)

    No additional apps to download or device pairing required!

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How do I learn how to play chess?

There are a wealth of fantastic information on the internet to not only teach you the basics and help improve your skills. We recommend

Do I need to download a special App to use MasterPiece Chess Pieces?


Use whatever ipad/android chess app you like! When you are ready to play a game, setup the pieces on the board and start your match.

The pieces are optimally sized to play chess while your tablet is in portrait mode.

Does MasterPiece Chess work with any touch-tablet?

MasterPiece Chess will work with any modern touch sensitive device; however, the size of the pieces are scaled to fit best on a tablet that is similar in size to a standard ipad with a 9.7" screen size.